Cocobolo Guitar Wood

Cocobolo Guitar

Cocobolo is considered by many luthiers to be the finest choice for guitar tone wood. What makes cocobolo so good for guitars?

With a janka hardness rating of 1136, cocobolo is harder, heavier, and more dense than most other guitar wood options. These properties allow a guitar made out of cocobolo to reflect sound rather than absorb it. The result is a tone that is clearer, louder, and more pleasing.

The sound? Resonates. The look? Pitch perfect.

When it comes to beauty, cocobolo guitar wood is unmatched. Dark brown and purple streaks trace graceful dancing figures across a red and yellow backdrop in a mesmerizing pattern.

When you finishing polishing a guitar made of cocobolo wood, you will hold an instrument that looks beautiful, sounds just right, and will be a valuable item to anyone who loves music.

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